Browser Popularity – Knowledge@Wharton Edition

Everyone once in a while, I think it’s useful to take a look at the browser usage of your sites. You can see what the overall industry trends with a little googling (I like this page), and that’s important to know, but it’s also good to know if your users follow those trends. In the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d throw up a few quick graphs using the numbers from the main Knowledge@Wharton site. I basically just took the number our of Google Analytics for the month of February.

For the developers that have to fight with IE every day, I also thing it’s work breaking down that IE Pie:

My quick hitting thoughts are:

  1. IE6 is down to <5% of our total browser picture. Thank god.
  2. IE overall is no longer the majority browser. It’s just the biggest minority, and it’s trending down.
  3. Chrome as entered the double digits.

Now, a little history. Here’s every month for the past 3 years (Feb 2008 – Feb 2011), which I like to call “Chrome is eating IE”: