Contact Management

I’m not a big fan of social networking sites for the most part. Anything that exposes too much of your personal information to the work I tend to think is a bad thing. However, of late, I’ve found this service, Plaxo, to be very useful. The short of it is that there’s a slew of connectors for your email software, be in gmail, outlook,, etc, that will sync your contacts to a secure online store. After that, if you happened to have email addresses of any other members, you get automatically linked to them. Then, if they change jobs, email addresses, etc, your address book is automatically updated. I’ve found it handy since people’s email addresses seem to change every year or two anymore. It’s also pretty private, you can set it so that only people with your work email address can connect to you, and they you have the option of sharing your home information with them.

Lightbulbs eh?

Considering the PECO bill that we get on a monthly basis for gas and electric, this article has convinced me to give these things a try. And yes, I’ve created a new category for stuff like this so you know I’m being serious, and can just skip right over it. Again, serious here is a relative term, this is only lightbulbs people. Don’t expect any political statements, except that if a former Steelers receiver becomes the governor of PA, I’m going to seriously consider moving to Jersey.