Lesson One: What’s in a name?

I actually learned this last week, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Sometimes a minor detail will threaten to delay or derail your project. Don’t let it!

A lot of work on many people’s parts has gone into making the Beacon platform a reality here at Wharton. We’ve done development, migration testing, set up our environment in production, and held a code review. All of those things, which required real time investments, have gone quite smoothly, which is great. So, what threatens to hold up the whole project and/or cause unnecessary drama? The name! Something we’ve collectively put maybe 10 minutes of discussion into.

Honestly, my first instinct was to forge ahead. I feel like we had secured the name, and couldn’t imagine it being that big a sticking point. However, the deeper we looked, the more it seemed like even the users of a similar name had encountered some resistance to their use if it. Now, is it really worth having something like this hold up the whole project? Absolutely not. It’s just a name. Lesson learned, and we move on. Turns out the new name is growing on me by the day as well!