Easy to Use = People Will Use It

Including this post, since November 1 there have been 22 posts in across Beacon. Although not an earth shattering number, we’re averaging well over one entry per work day, which is significant growth over the previous platform. Additionally, there are a multiple projects in the works bringing even more people and voices to Beacon specifically, and to WordPress in general, across campus. Why do I think this is notable?

  1. People didn’t all of a sudden decide that they had things then wanted to share.
  2. The actual capability for this function (which is basically, to blog) already existed.

So, why didn’t they?

I think the biggest difference the usability of the platform. Although putting time and effort into making the backend of your system as nice as the frontend isn’t as interesting to most developers, I think that a large part of the success of the WordPress platform is due to just that type of work. We see it on a small scale here, and the biggest reason I constantly here from non-technical folk is just that it’s “easy”. This is something all developers should keep in mind, regardless of the type of project you’re working on: One “that was easy” from users is worth a day of your trying to convey all the techy awesomeness you built into your latest application. Also, people will use it, which is kinda the whole point, it’s it?